Monday, September 7, 2009

First day of work

The typical morning start... meeting in the Directors office, introductions, discussion of plans and goals, presentions of donations, etc. Quang is the Director of the National ENT Hospital in Hanoi (far end of table, & our fellow several years ago).
The reason we come to Vietnam is to development meaningful relationships with the Vietnamese doctors and their families. This is Dr. Lien, the editor of the Vietnamese ENT Journal. He has been a friend for 14 years. I know our friendship is very dear to him.
But the most important friendships are the ones we cultivate in the evenings. This is Dr. Phong and his wife and daughter. He was Craig's fellow and knows and understands why we come to Vietnam!
Everyone except Craig was at the National ENT Hospital today. I haven't seen anyone yet so no feedback, but my day went fine! I did 2 sinus surgeries and it is interesting because we are now on our 2nd generation of students... our first students are now the leaders and these are their students who have become the teaching staff!
Every night this week we will be taking out our former fellows, except Tues. when there is a big banquet. I said a huge # of hello's today and the friendships are so deep and trusting. Returning is a wonderful blessing.
Jet lag not too bad, but we are busy! More later. Thank you for your prayers.
In H Service, David

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