Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday, 1 April, 2011

Home tomorrow and what a perfect closing. Everyone is happy with a real feeling of fulfillment. Let me review my day first. It started as NO mission trip ever has before. As you recall, I gave my testimony last night to the entire ENT staff/residents. This morning, they all pulled me aside and the Chief told me, “Dr. Parsons, we all believe in God. And we know God wants you in Honduras! Will you please come back?!” I told them Begee and I have already had this conversation and we will definitely be back!

My surgeries went very well, but all the staff realize it will be a while before they are ready to start doing and teaching endoscopic sinus surgery. I am already busy recruiting sinus surgeons to come to Tegucigalpa. The equipment is now here, we just need teachers coming once in a while.

Our Anesthesiologists had a great day as well. They had supper with the residents. Bruce in Oral Surgery experienced some frustration. I think he would do best in Guaimaca when we return to the Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International.

Begee had a day of rest, which was a blessing. She is all smiles and really wants to make this a part of our future. We had a drink tonight with one of my old residents in Havana. She is now the President of the Honduras Otolaryngology Society. Fun to remember our times in Havana and compare the massive differences with her between locations.

I am going to start a new subfile under Mission Opportunities on Honduras. The invitation letter is already written.

Thank you all for your prayers. They have clearly been answered!

In His Grace, David & Begee

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