Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Everybody had a great day! Bruce is working with plastic surgery and dentistry. He loves going to the OR, teaching and being a part of a good surgical team. He feels he is contributing and effective! The ear doctors found a microscope in neurosurgery and operated all day with smiles under their masks! Anesthesia may be the happiest (next to me!). They are having great cases, interested residents and are both feeling that they want to return.

Me… great day! We started with a one year old still at his birth weight. The Pediatric Surgeon asked if we could canulate the fistula between the trachea and esophagus (not supposed to be there!). VERY LIMITED equipment, but we pulled off a phenomenal airway exam, unlike anything they have ever seen before. Thank you Bruce Benjamin! (My mentor when I was a fellow!). Years ago, Karl Storz gave me instruments to take to the Third World. All have been distributed except for one laryngoscope, which was (guess) the perfect size for this tiny baby. All the other instruments I used today were meant for something else, but we pulled off a perfect exam. The anesthesiologist was chair of the dept., and she had never done this type of case. She loved it! Bottom line, the child did not have the pathology that would require a huge, risky, open chest procedure and the Pediatric Surgeon was thrilled that we saved him a difficult but risky operation THAT WOULD HAVE ENDED IN FAILURE! I then taught two tough sinus cases and the faculty are getting the picture. Wonderful!

Begee had a very special day. She met with a large number of professional women and shared what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how God is a part of all we do. She presented the Gospel. She really felt like the women appreciated what she had to present and were VERY receptive! Begee has a very good feeling that she is here for a purpose and God has used her effectively.

Tonight we had a dinner and I was asked to “say a few words.” I asked if I could tell a story, then presented the 10 minute version of my testimony. (No airplanes flying upside down!). I felt like it was very well received, but I was most deeply touched when Mark Vogelhut, grasped my hand, and gently complimented what I said. He is Jewish and that meant a lot to me! God is so good and never stops moving in our lives.

Tomorrow, I have the honor of giving this laptop to the residents. Rich McKnight, a former Vice-Pres of Presbyterian Hospital, makes these rebuilt laptops available to me for our mission trips. It is his ministry, and so deeply appreciated. Thank you, all!

Pray that the messages left by all of us are heard. Pray that the listing ears will hear His Words and come face to face with the importance of this simple sentence that is more important than any other in life, “Jesus, I love you and believe in you and ask you to be in my heart, forever!” Love, David & Begee.

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