Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, 28 March 2011

The team is all here and we all had a great first day. LtCol Mark Boston, a Neuro-Otologist at Wilford Hall, San Antonio, joined us along with a USAF Major nurse and Tech Sergeant Scrub Tech. We are up to 11 now including Drew’s 9 year old son, Spencer! We gave a lot of lectures in each of our Depts today. I spoke on sinus surgery for 3 hours, then saw patients for most of the remaining day. Exhausting but fun. The doctors and residents have a real heart to learn. The facilities are better than Havana, but they don’t believe in themselves, like the Cubans do. Drew and both Marks brought lots of equipment so we are all teaching them in new, state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. They were teary eyed when I told them this new equipment gave them the potential opportunity to function with the best in the world! This even heightened their desire to learn as much as they could. I was deeply touched when the chief resident told me about his conversion to “Christianity” from his Catholic roots when he developed a deep and meaningful relationship with God. He spontaneously told his testimony in front of one of our non-believer team members. Now is this reverse evangelism or what!!!! The opportunities are joyously opening. Begee had a slow but successful trip today but meets with the former Minister of Health tomorrow, while am meeting with the current MOH! Then she has scheduled meetings with professional women the rest of the week. Pray for Begee! More manana! In His Service, David

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