Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, 28 March 2011

Everyone is having fun, lots of smiles, good times, laughter, etc.! Steve Mendoza was scubbing (most unusual for an anesthesiologist!) when he realized he was scrubbing with an old friend from his Army days in Germany. The neurosurgeon was from North Dakota! Tiny world!

Witnessing opportunities are more abundant than ever before on any previous mission, and so early in the course of the trip. But this morning, a crucifix hanging from the mirror in the car opened doors! Remember yesterday’s note about witnessing? The same doctor is being asked by his fellows why a team of doctors would come all this way, take time away from busy practices, bring 6 figure gifts of brand new surgery equipment, just to visit and teach. He then said their interest is so high, he feels I should start Thursday’s lecture with my testimony! Wow! Never before on any trip! Continue to pray!

Begee had a great experience today with the former Minister of Health for Honduras. Tomorrow she meets with women attorneys, then congresswomen! Wow! Tonight we had dinner with the current Minister of Health.

Medically, our team was very active. Bruce is having a very good experience in Plastic Surgery and Maxillofacial. He is back into it again and loving it! Mark and Steve are really having a fun time passing gas and we ENTs are operating and teaching to our hearts content. This afternoon we did the first cadaver dissection sinus surgery and it was on HD TV! We will do the second tomorrow. In the OR, I am doing a lot of headache surgeries... one of my loves and I really enjoy teaching how to make headaches go away!!! Thursday, I will help a Pediatric Surgeon with a tracheoesophageal fistula. Lots of fun!

Tomorrow night, Begee and I will have supper with the President of BMDMI, and our plan is to consider ways to best help and get involved with this powerful mission work. Being with them is unbelievably humbling! Love to you all, David & Begee

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