Saturday, March 26, 2011

Departure Day 26 March 2011-Tegucigalpa, Honduras

We are on our way to Tegucigalpa, Honduras! The trip is off to an exciting start because of the blessings of those supporting us. Where we are going, has NO sinus surgery equipment. This equipment is very expensive. Three wonderful corporations stepped to the plate. Medtronic-Xomed has helped us mightily through the years and has donated several millions of dollars of equipment to multiple hospitals in Vietnam, Cuba, Mexico, Israel and others. When I learned the medical school had no modern sinus equipment, I contacted my M-X friends and they donated a complete powered sinus surgery set with light source, XPS, blades, endoscopes, etc., etc. A HUGE donation! Carolina Medical Center gave us hand instruments for all types of ENT surgery, but especially, everything needed to do complex sinus surgery. Karl Storz Endoscopy had already given a large airway surgery equipment donation with airway endoscopes, laryngoscopes, bronchoscopes, etc., but when I realized we had no TV system for teaching (mandatory to teach a sinus course because the tip of the surgery instruments are deep in the nose, and watching my hands move outside the nose teaches NOTHING!), David Gray immediately put together a High Definition Endoscopic TV system for us. (David! They do have a HD monitor!!!!) Wow! With the exception of the HD TV camera, all the equipment is a donation, so after we’ve taught a week long sinus course to the 17 staff/residents, they will be able to continue to develop their skills doing modern sinus surgery. If this is a good experience, and we want to return next year, we can refine their skills, and teach more advance techniques. As you will see, my blog will mostly deal with ENT issues but we also have 2 Anesthesiologists (Mark and Steve), an Oral Surgeon (Bruce) and a Neuro-Otologist (Drew and that big word means ear surgery and base of skull/neurosurgery), and Lisa and Begee. I will report later as their role becomes more defined. Ooops! The plane is leaving! I’ll write more later!!!!!

Landed safely in Tegu and comfortably at the Marriott. More later. In His Service, David & Begee

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