Monday, March 21, 2011

Trip to Honduras 26 March-2 April 2011

Hello! This is an invitation to join Begee and me on an exciting first trip for us to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We leave in 4 days and are being joined by 5 others:
Drew & Lisa Horlbeck from Jacksonville, FL. Drew is a Pediatric Neuro-Otologist (Ear surgeon) and Lisa is a nurse.
Mark Vogelhut and Steve Mendoza are Anesthesiologists.
Bruce Albright is an Oral Surgeon.
The guys will be working at the teaching hospital for the medical school in our specialties. Begee will be working with a team of women with CCCI.
If this is a successful trip, we hope to go every year with a large, multi-specialty team. Hopefully, we will have great need for non-medical types who have a real missionary spirit. Begee will give you follow-up on this as she works in this women's ministry!
Your prayers are deeply appreciated. In His Service, David & Begee

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