Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My day was great but not so good for others. Bad news first. Drew Horlbeck and Mark Boston are ear surgeons and they can’t do anything without an ear microscope. It doesn’t work and they are out of work! Each deserves special prayer anyway, so pray for them!!! I've asked them to consider going to the BMDMI hospital on Friday.

I didn’t see Bruce today so I have no Oral Surgery news. The Anesthesiologists were all smiles all day long. They finished late so I assume it was a great day. Mark Vogelhut helped me on my sinus case and we had a great time together. A problem we both had was that we had residents with no teaching staff today. I then had to gently reprimand my head of Otolaryngology because we did not come to teach residents. We came to teach the teachers. When we leave, we want our teaching to continue well beyond our presence here. But… we had fun!

We did another cadaver dissection today and the head of Otolaryngology was there and I really let him do most of the dissection with a lot of coaching. The hardest thing about teaching endoscopic surgery is getting them to be able to hold the scope in the right place, move the surgical instrument with the other hand, and do it all while looking in a different direction at the TV! You can see that if you are between the two eyeballs and 1 mm below the brain, that is why we need a lot of practice on someone we can’t hurt! But, overall, my teaching day was great!

Tonight we went the home of the President of BMDMI and had a lovely dinner. We discussed the future of TIME for Christ joining BMDMI’s program, and I think it is a match. We’ll see!

Begee had an unexpectedly quiet day. The attorney was sick this AM and the teachers strike here caused the congress to have to be in session so she didn’t meet the many congresswomen she was to spend time with.

Spiritually, things continue to happen in a quiet but positive way. Please continue to pray that this is a meaningful and significant planting event. But even if it isn’t, what I’ve learned about BMDMI makes me realize this trip is already a major success. Love, in Christ, David & Begee

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