Friday, September 11, 2009


Today is the anniversary of a day most of us will never forget. 9/11, Begee and I were in HCMC preparing for bed. 9PM here and a tearful colleague called telling us to turn on TV. We witnessed the second building being hit. Vietnam will always be marked with that memory.

It is fun that our Granddaughter, Hannah's 6th grade class is viewing the blog. Hello everyone!!!!!! We are safe and having a wonderful time!

No photos today as it is bedtime and we don't have a very good internet availability. We said a huge number of good-byes today then caught the plane south.

Da Nang is fascinating in that little has changed since the "American War." The revetments are still lining the taxiways, and there are fighters lined up, but they appear to be Migs.

We checked into Furama, then went for a swim in the Pacific. We are on China Beach across from Monkey Mountain.

Walter Lee arrived last night from Duke and Aja came in as well but I haven't met her yet. Kathy is ill with "the bug" so they both stayed in Hanoi. Sunday the team divides and half of us go to Hue and half to HCMC. I am falling to sleep so more tomorrow (after golf!!!!!). In H Grace,

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