Saturday, September 12, 2009

Da Nang magic weekend

A weekend retreat away from the pressures of teaching surgery, lecturing, hosting, listening intently to poor English... and we did it in Da Nang at Furama Resort. Above is my dear friend, Craig Hedges from Sioux Falls, SD. We've done annual trips together in VN since '98 and Cuba since '2000. Here we are on a 5-star, PGA approved, Colin Montgomery golf course having the golfing nuts golfing outing of a lifetime.
Here are our caddies (required)!

On the left of the picture is the Pacific Ocean and on the right is a bunker from the "American War!"

Our hotel is lovely. Begee is viewing the Pacific. This is a weekend for us to treasure. In the not to distant future, we won't be able to afford these accommodations, but for now, it a vacationers dream and very inexpensive.
Tomorrow half the team flies to HCMC and Craig goes to Hue and the nurses work here in Da Nang. Craig is thrilled because he gets to give phenomenal donations to the University Hospital. The ENT Dept is unbelievably poor with NO modern equipment at all. Medtronic and Karl Storz have contributed heavily with surgical equipment for modern sinus surgery and airway surgery. He will train the doctors all week giving them their first opportunity to do endoscopic work.
Begee and I, Walter Lee, Marcy Bothwell and our one anonymous nurse will be in HCMC. Oh, do I hate to leave Da Nang! :o)

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