Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday, the second week.

I'm sorry, I forgot my camera today. No photos! I received a complaint from Madison Grace, our Granddaughter, that I have not included photos of our Vietnamese "children and grandchildren." She is right; you all are "related!" I will get better as the next three nights we will be with "family."

Today, the entire southern team is at the ENT Hospital in HCMC. It is the most advanced facility in VN and I have to keep reminding myself that 14 years ago, nothing plugged-in in the OR, ICU, etc. They had never seen an endoscope or heard of FESSurgery. Now they are superb. We saw patients all morning and will begin a sinus course this afternoon with doctors from the city and provinces viewing lectures, then tomorrow watching surgery on closed-circuit. The teaching opportunities have extended way beyond the walls of the hospitals. What a blessing. We lecture again tomorrow afternoon, then I go to a different hospital while everyone else stays here.

Medtronic equipment was distributed here today and is such a smashing success! What a blessing to have corporations that contribute so heavily to Third World medicine and health care! Our brothers and sisters at home are so loving!

On a separate note, I am giving a morning devotional to our American teammates based on what we are doing in our men's ministry at home.... How phenomenal God's love is for each and every one of us. It is easy to forget, so easy to feel we have to do works to earn it, but how constant and unchanging it is. What an encouragement it is every day! The trip is great and Begee is doing wonderfully. She is so glad she came. Love to you all, In H Grace, David

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