Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gold Laser

Here is Dr. Luong mastering the art of being a Gold Laser surgeon.
These photos are out of order, but here I am teaching some of the staff the techniques of Gold Laser surgery. The little girl below is much more interesting!!!!

Today was a very special day as we were able to donate the Gold Laser to Bach Mai Hospital. I don't think I am allowed to tell you the amount of the gift but it is 6 digits and is the first ever Gold Laser in Asia. MedEnergy out of New Orleans contributed this state of the art equipment and the little 6 yearold girl above was the first patient. She had her tonsils and adenoid removed and she was a great patient! We spent the morning teaching about the laser, then did two cases. The second was the worst sinus case imaginable. I never see them this bad in the USA. Gross!

We went to dinner tonight with one of dearest friends and former fellows, Quang and his wife. How things have changed. ALL the doctors used to be so poor. We were his guests at a lovely restaurant near where he grew up (near the heart of our bombing in the early '70's). He is now the boss and drove us in his Mercedes. This points up the need for us to move on. He and I discussed the need to move our teaching to the more rural medical teaching centers, such as Haiphong. I have not seen the rest of the team since their return, but Quang told me their experience was extremely good. We will need to discuss this with Brian Teel, Cliff, Chuck and the other REI team doctors. Guys! We need to talk and plan about the future!

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