Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, 8 Sep 09

Medically, everyone is reporting wonderful experiences. The medical arms of our goals are being met and we feel we are being very effective. In our relationship building, I don't know how anything could be better. Conversations are deep and meaningful. Tonight we all went to a small dinner party with the leadership of the National ENT Hospital. Begee and I feel honored as the Director and one of the Vice-Directors were our fellows, Quang and Can. We are having intimate time with both during this week.

Marcy and I lectured today at the National Hospital and the audience was very large and very responsive. The surgeries went very well for both of us. Craig reports the same.

Elaine and Kathie are part of the nursing team. They are breaking ground with the different hospitals in Hanoi. Here they are meeting with one of the nurse leaders here in Hanoi. The entire team except Begee and I will go to Haiphong tomorrow to break ground for a new effort there. Craig is leading the team and we will learn a lot from this visit. Below that is a photo of Dr. Marcy Bothwell with Uncle Ho. We never give a lecture anywhere without his presence!

Begee is feeling fine except for the heat. 90+ temp and humidity. The jet lag has been almost non-existant. We are blessed. tomorrow is a big day but I will save my report.
In H Grace, David

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