Monday, September 7, 2009

Meet our children!

Dr. Can is the second from the left. This is her husband and two daughters. Can was our fellow many years ago and now she has progressed to the vice-director of the largest ENT Hospital in VN. Begee and I regard Can as a daughter and her family are our "other" children. It was a blessed evening to be with them. He-O (long E, long O) and I don't speak any words of the same language, but we speak through the heart. This is what this trip is all about... speaking from the heart. Words are seldom required! :o)

Craig had an equally outstanding day and evening. He was bubbly tonight with joy over his day. Begee taught English as a foreign language to University students and loved it. She then had a great day shopping, just for fun and family, not for business! I've seen no one else! In H Joy, D

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