Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, 15 Sep, Kaleb's Birthday!!!!!!!!

Today is Kaleb’s birthday! 10 years old. Our first grandson! Love to you Kaleb and we pray your day is wonderful! Flat loves traditional Vietnames coffee, especially before surgery to calm his nerves. Unfortunately, he drank so much he almost became Unflat, AND, he had the shakes as VN coffee has lots of caffeine!
Here is Flat reading the CT scan's of our sinus surgery patient. It was tough surgery and he had to be prepared!
Here is Flat getting ready to operate. The patient is hidden under the sheets and Flat thought they looked a little alike!
Maddie, here is one of our children, Male Minh!

Here is Flat speaking with Uncle Ho. I don't think Flat had anything very deep to talk about; he was pretty shallow!
Here is Flat attending my lecture to 40 doctors. He gave me an "A+!" Since his Mangosteen, he has been without a fever or cough!
Here he is eating his Mangosteen. Loved it! He hasn't had any sinus problems since eating this!

So much to say… what a great day! A day of the best of everything. Last night, Begee and I had dinner with a former fellow. The conversation was extraordinary… exactly what we wished to hear. The individual is extending influence to family, friends, colleagues and parents! PTL!

On the way home we renewed our friendship with a tiny family store with great Ralp Loren golf shirts (not a spelling error but a quote from the lable) for $3.30 @! These, shirts are as good as the $76 look-a-like in the States, which have correct spelling!

This morning was surgery and we did four cases. The highlight of any teacher’s professional life is seeing former students who have excelled in the subject taught to be better than the teacher. Minh (our first fellow in 1997) is an extraordinary sinus surgeon and performed an extremely difficult frontal sinus dissection, and it was the best I have ever seen in 22 years of doing/teaching/watching this new surgery. It was done in front of a closed-circuit audience of 40 ENT doctors. So exciting! The Marcy did a sinus case and I was again thrilled and proud!

We had a very special lunch today and dessert was mangustin or mangosteen with a special tea for patients with liver disease! (Begee was with us and she was thrilled)

The afternoon was again lectures. Dr. Marcy Bothwell and I spoke. Marcy was a medical student and resident under me at the Univ of Missouri. She has blossomed into a wonderful surgeon, teacher and leader. We are blessed to have her on the team.

Wonderful day and Begee continues to be healthy and happy. She spent an hour today, one on one, with Dr. Dung, one of the most dynamic leaders in our specialty in all of Asia. We are happy!

Love to all! D&B

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