Thursday, September 10, 2009

Relationships are beautiful

Tonight Begee and I had dinner with our former fellows' families (so these are our children and grandchildren of the Far East!). These are extremely special moments with conversations based on their 3 months experience in our home. We can only pray for growth!

It is Thurs eve and we are so excited as each day the relationships continue to ripen and the discussions deepen. Each team member is reporting joy and excitement. Nothing unpleasant is occurring! The Haiphong experience was extremely good and everyone returned with a very upbeat attitude, feeling it is a real possibility for the future.

Begee is doing extremely well and is very happy. If she has any down side, it is that she shopped till she dropped today! When I arrived back, she was full of fun stories with renewed friendships in the market. "I see you nex year!"

I had a wonderful day starting with the presentation of the Gold Laser to the Director of Bach Mai. Then we did three surgeries and I gave a very productive lecture. The patient's families always give me a huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers, so each day I come home with three of these giant floral arrangements. The room is filled, the hotel lobby is filled, I even gave one to a complete stranger from Australia!

The good-byes are lovely. The nursing staff and teaching faculty so deeply appreciate what we are doing. At the farewell moment, there is always a good moment to say why we are really here! Tomorrow it is off to Da Nang!
My OR colleagues will appreciate that the largest hospital in VN is quite lacking when it comes to cautery grounding pads!
Luong, Lien (our heaven sent REI leader!), the Director, me and Dinh after the Gold Laser presentation to the hospital.

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