Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, 16 Sep - Our Children

Many of you have asked about our "children" in Vietnam. Begee and I have hosted 10 fellowships in our home, and you will meet several of them here. Their children have become our grandchildren, of course!

Here is Minh, our first fellow in 1997. She is the second from the left with her family. Tonight we were with Minh,s family. Our friendship is deep and we really love all of them.

This is Binh, 4th from the right, and her entire family. Last night we went to Binh’s home. This was a very special event as two attending surgeons come to her home to be with her family. It was extremely rewarding for us, as well. Marcy joined Begee and I as Binh was in both of our homes last year in the States. This night was entirely social but seeds have already blossomed so this was an evening of encouragement!

This is Male Minh but his family was sick on this evening. We still had a very special evening of encouragement!

and here are three former fellows and the next fellow... Luong, Dinh, Dinh's wife Hang who will be coming in the Spring of 2010, and Phong.
Hannah, I hope your class is still enjoying the blog. I haven't heard from any of you in a while.
Today I was alone at Giu Dinh Hospital. I went there last year and found it a very progressive hospital with a young faculty and a great desire to learn. They have some equipment, which we contributed last year, but no powered instrumentation. I will try to find donations for them next year, if possible.
The Vietnamese have asked me to come twice in 2010, and this will be a serious matter of prayer.

I haven’t heard from the team members in Da Nang or Hue. Walter is not feeling well and stayed in bed this AM. He is doing better this evening. I don’t know the cause but we are constantly reminded that no matter how good some foods may look, we have to abide by the time honored tradition of no uncooked veggies, thin skinned fruits and NO ice. Kathie was down for 24 hours last week and she felt ice was the cause.

Begee is doing wonderfully. She is being invited to the hospitals as the staff really wants to get to know her. Time for bed! In H Grace, David

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