Sunday, September 6, 2009

The team has arrived in Hanoi!

9 of the 11 have arrived safely and the other 2 arrive on Thursday. No one had any unfortunate experiences with travel. Today is Sunday and we slept late as there is no church that we know of that we are able to attend. Begee is feeling reasonably well with just a tiny bit more fatique than the rest of us are experiencing. She is blaming it on the heat, which is a problem.

The Vietnamese food is great, the streets and shops are fun, Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem) is as fascinating as always and we are very affectionately remembered by our friends (many of whom Begee and I regard as our children) and the hotel staff (who remembered us by name as we walked in!). Lien and Long are on top of everything, as always!

Of the 9, all are vets from prior trips except Marcy Bothwell. Marcy was a medical student and ENT resident with us at Missouri and later did her Peds ENT fellowship with Rod Lusk in St. Louis. She has helped us with other Vietnamese Fellows in the past, so she is not a complete stranger. For the other team members, go to, home page.

For those of you who have been here, we are going to El Fresca tonight (a great favorite of our team's... the best Texas BBQ, in of all places - Hanoi - owned by Australians!). Jet lag not bad... yet! I can't get photos to upload. That is enough for now. Thank you for your prayers! In H Grace, David & Begee

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