Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our last work day

Today was our last work day, and what a day it was! I have only heard from Craig in Hue and he had to do a very complex surgery on a child, the likes of which I have never seen before. I will see him tomorrow and am eager to hear how it went. The nursing staff is exhausted, according to Lien, so they must be working very hard in Da Nang!

A breakdown occurred in communication and Marcy may have had a day off. Lien left for England so our team is without the usual support as we prepare to leave. After 14 years, this is the first time we departed as a team alone!

Walter’s illness is definitely better. He went to the doctor and has better meds than we had in our suitcases! He stayed in bed again today, but his fever is gone. This alone may allow him to fly home with us. The rules have changed and you supposedly can’t get on an airplane when ill.

At Gia Dinh Hospital, I had great day. We did three surgeries with 4 doctors getting to show what they’ve learned. I am thrilled. They all did very well showing a real grasp of what we have been trying to teach. In my parting speech, I told the hospital leadership that the young doctors were not only good surgeons, but were now prepared to teach sinus surgery. This is one of our goals. Mission accomplished! Tonight we go out together for traditional Vietnamese food.

No photos today as Begee has the camera. She is out having fun. Tomorrow we fly home but have many hours to shop before departure. I will be off to get my $3 Polos! :o) I’ll try to report on the rest of the team as I see them over the next 12 hours. In H Service, David

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